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The NOLIGRAPH pen offer this:

-  1000 m of five-line-staff with one refill sentence:
   these are 400 sides with 12 staffs,
   or these are 500 sides with 10 staffs,
   or . . .

-  the distance of the staves is you choice, texts, verses, remarks can be inserted

-  staffs inserting or writing into texts, into manuscripts, in examinaton works, into
   pupil exercise books; for the scientist, for the student, for teachers and pupils!

-  staffs on copying presentations:
   for everyone, who must duplicate music.

-  refill sentence exchangeable:
   still more staffs!

-  the ideal little present:
   for everyone who makes music!

-  an acquisition which is worth a lot after a short time!

   So an enthusiastic user of our NOLIGRAPH wrote us

   „Your NOLIGRAPH pen ist fantastic, it has proved itself excellently
   in daily use (fat staffs for pupils - to compositions)”. C. K. from G.

   The NOLIGRAPH pen is electronical fitted with 5 refills of a leading
   manufacturer. When changing the refills only this one original NOLIGRAPH refill
   sentence must be used. Only if the refills have an absolutely indentical length,
   a clear script can be guaranteed.

   Every NOLIGRAPH is carefully adjusted so that a faultless function is ensured.
   For this reason the position of the refills shouldn’t be changed in the staff writer.
   A detailed direction is enclosed in every NOLIGRAPH.